1. skriver:Bra fråga. Nu är det upp till bevis för Mårten. Han har offentligt gått ut med att han ska göra det om hans far pekas ut. Och det är ingen tvekan om att det föreställer Olof Palme i filmen.Gör han det inte – då är det öppet för spekulation. AJ  

    2. he was going to make the Catholic Church pay for contraceptives. Now, all of a sudden, it’s a political hot potato. I even heard some liberal on TV last night that it may come down to either food or contraceptives for some women. Why, most high school girls can tell you where to get them for free. Now the left is trying to make it if you’re against abortion, you’re against contraceptives.

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    7. ”Paraguayn lisäksi myös sveitsi sai espanjan pelin “sekaisin”.”Tuossa ottelussa kaikki tähdet olivat Sveitsin puolella, montaakaan kunnon paikkaa ei heille tullut ja maalikin oli uskomattoman räpellyksen lopputulos. Paraguay sen sijaan jopa painosti ajoittain jai sai Espanjan keskikenttärakentelun sekaisin. Silti oikein, että Espanja voitti – mutta marginaalit tuossa ottelussa olivat pienemmät kuin esim Saksa-ottelussa.

    8. Doubtful. Our geniuses appeared randomly through time up until civilization allowed for a series of civilizations that were all stable at the right time. After all, it doesn't matter if there was an Einstein among the Amerindian tribes right when the small pox and influenza epidemics were busy eradicating these peoples. And a genius could exist in Somalia… and have been gunned down or put to death by militants. (Or even ended up a pirate and used that genius to evade capture.)Rob H.

    9. I love how you’ve stored jewellery the dressing table – it looks fantastic! And so does the jewellery which by the way is gorgeous :)I just store my necklaces on these silver branches on the wall (I know it sounds odd!) and then have some not-so-practical bags with other jewellery in. I need to find better organisation for those!

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    11. Mit dieser Ausbeute machen wir nicht nur den deutschen Olympia-Athleten Konkurrenz! Und das Tolle, da die Deutschen auch kaum eine Silber,- oder Bronzemedaille gewonnen haben, zeige ich Euch später noch meine schönsten Looks in SILEBER & BRONZE. Peace Leonie

    12. Eh bé! Et pour les unijambistes, on leur apporte un gant?..Mamour serait abattue. Elle que je surnomme Imelda (du nom de Imelda Marcos, l’épouse du dictateur qui avait un nombre incalculable de chaussures…).En revanche, côté pointure ça irait.

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    15. Lockhart does a great job of bringing the historical figures to life. I’ll admit, military maneuverings make my eyes glaze over – I need to know more about the lives behind them. The interactions between Warren and Putnam in his book – however brief – are quite funny and engaging. Wish those two had more time to enjoy each others company.

    16. Je connais des couples hétérosexuels qui pratiquent la pénétration vaginale après la ménopause de Madame. Je trouve cela « contre nature », horrible, détestable. Comment peut-on ? Ces gens-là ne savent pas qu’ils engagent la responsabilité de l’humanité entière devant dieu. Le vagin est fait pour la procréation et la miction, rien de plus.

    17. 28 what? 28 hundred degrees? F of C There they go again with those pesky decimel points. Were to put that point. The reporting resembles a long haul truckers log book now. For a melt though to have taken place the temperature would be around 2,800 C or about 5,072 degree Fahrenheit

    18. that USTA was successful with TAUT, I meant in terms of bringing new players to the game via community and school-based programs, NOT in terms of developing the next wave of champions. I would appreciate it if you would edit this post to accurately reflect my position. Thanks!

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    20. Nash? can you broadcast yourself like Scott Hall did on his ScotthalldotTV? I mean, since you left WWE, i don t watch WWE anymore. You was the reason why i watched WWE RAW 2011. I hope you are doing well and if you will wrestle in indy’s shows, can you ask one of your friends to record you & broadcast your indy’s fight on Youtube? I want to see Big kevin Nash again, no matter of you will appear in indy’s shows. Because. The Outsiders are just 2SWEET! for LIFE!

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    23. it's a West Asian shift? Please don't project your delusions onto my writings.But I think you're just fishing for data supporting the idea of Indo-European origin from West Asia.That is irrelevant; actually, the fact that the "West_Asian" component is lacking in all tested European individuals down to 5,000 years ago is quite consistent with IE origins in West Asia.

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    25. ¿Cómo se tiene que llamar a quien nos cobra por adelantado por los delitos que tal vez no cometamos jamás?Al final, « pirata » volverá a ser una palabra con connotaciones románticas; al tiempo.

    26. Americans will fight all GMO crops and destroy them. Wait and see! France and other countries have taken the lead, but we need to really fight any and all legislation regarding our food, crops and seeds. PROTECT IT NOW OR FOREVER STARVE!

    27. Joana querida, muito mais do que respeito é admiração que tenho por essa sua postura, conhecimento e paixão pelo caminho que escolheu percorrer.Não sei como a Justiça funciona aí quando colocada em prática.Aqui temos um sistema judiciário reconhecidamente corrompido, aonde também encontramos pessoas de fé e boa vontade, mas são muito poucas.Espero que aí a coisa funcione de uma outra forma.

    28. Anon,even though Keith is a good sailor (and a great guy), do you think anyone could be so relaxed and hooked in the harness on a wave like that on a Starboard Rio-like board?Mater,yes, for some weird reason my family always seem very happy to see me… that’s why I go!HNW to you too.Aq,greetings (and respect for sailing in that kind of cold water) back.Bob,duck dives calendar… good idea, but too much work for me.HWN to you too.

    29. Whatever the issue is holding the 787s on the ground, there must come a day when the flood gates open. No B1 since July 7, that would mean they have had a lot of time finishing pre flight tasks on all those other frames.When the flying starts again we will see a flood of deliveries, if they have the manpower we could see up to 8 aircraft being delivered a month, maybe even 10 deliveries if the grounding takes longer than this.

    30. Hej på ER alla!Nu går vi vidare tycker jag nu har dom flesta sagt sitt, och jag tror att P har ett gott omdömme trots allt, hon har inte kallat någon för nåt elakt, och dom i Norge vet jag inte vad dom menar.Kram på er alla girls!!

    31. Nietoperzyco, masz racje – to bezsensowna dźungla a nie prawo. Trudno w tym znaleźć jakÄ…Å› logikÄ™ZastawiÅ‚em Å‚apki i już jestem w bezpiecznym miejscu. Baba mi podpowiedzial dobrÄ… myÅ›l. W barze piwnym mieszka nawet Å‚owny kocur Arnold. Jutro pogadam z barmanem, by mi Arnolda na parÄ™ nocy pożyczyÅ‚. Psu też dobrze zrobi odrobina konkurencji, bo zgnuÅ›nial kompletnie.

    32. Ranking de rebaixamentos: Fluminense=4 Palmeiras=2 Botafogo=2 CORINTHIANS=1 CORINTHIANS=1 ue???????? Cadê o FLAMENGO doutor ??????? Nesse ranking o Corinthians ganha do Flamengo e o senhor nunca teve a idéia de postar????????? Aguardo resposta por favor

    33. « Maailmanlaajuisesti rajoitettujen kemikaalien määrä nousi 12:sta 21:een, kun viime perjantaina tehdyssä Tukholman sopimuksessa päädyttiin rajoittamaan myös yhdeksän uuden kemikaalin käyttöä. » Turun sanomat raportoi tänään, kuinka nyt kielletyt kemikaalit ovat Suomessa laajasti käytössä…

    34. sr.SCHUMY quem é o João Vilela pois está-se a ver que não sabe nada de ciclismo nem de corredores comenta por comentar olhe o ano passado a liberty tambem ia ganhar a volta e saeu-lhe o tiro pela colatra não fale antes do tempo

    35. c0151Vouloir fluctuer la monnaie c’est vouloir decider pour les autres. C’est vouloir decider de son pouvoir d’achat par des gens super intelligent et parfois elus Democratiquement.Sauf si ces gens se veulent “in-de-pen-dant”…Lo2 7102

    36. Dirt Music is one of my favourite books! About a year after finishing it, I started reading it again, something I rarely do. I like the way he has Fox disappear into the landscape, as if absorbed by it, and wondered if there were any Aboriginal people's influences here. And I love your huge jellyfish photos, too! Is the other picture of Plettenburg Beach by any chance? I have been there if it is.

    37. Well said, Rick. Quite a take off from that comment. Glad you wrote it because it is so true and a great reminder. Discovered your blog from Tamsen’s tweet. I’ll be back. Until then, aloha. Janet

    38. c01bdAssez d’accord avec votre point de vue, et je trouve même qu’en France (je ne sais pas comment cela se passe dans les autres pays) dés qu’un secteur va mal on dit vous enquiété pas on va debloquer X millions voir milliard d’euro (ex: pb des agriculteur, des pecheurs, transport, …) sans aucunement s’attaquer à la cause ou le fond du probléme.7f7

    39. Pacifist,The fact that the Chinese drew Ulleungdo and Usando so close to the Korean coast suggests that they also believed that the Korean records were saying that both Ulleungdo and Usando could be seen from the Korean coast, rather than Usando being seen from Ulleungdo.

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    41. Gracianne – there will be yet another cranberry & apple cake recipe soon, so please do check back:) And I’m so very pleased that you enjoyed this cake – it’s so simple, but tasty..

    42. it before and I will say it again:Japanese music industry was on its way down until Kpop made its entry.Japan had better solute to Kpop for saving their asses.It is not only Japan but U.S. Hip hop industry too.It sucked like old socks!

    43. Je suis tombé dans le Dictionnaire fluvial et batelier du site Histoire &Patrimoine des Rivières & Canaux. (Très riche ). J’y ai appris, entre autres «carapata : synonyme de haleur» et « coltineur : dans un port, ouvrier affecté au déchargement du charbon. Etymologie vraisemblable : de « coal », charbon en anglais *». Les vocabulaires professionnels laissent entrevoir ces mondes superposés qui affleurent par-ci par-là dans le vocabulaire quotidien.* Mais le TLFI dit: Dér. de coltin*, colletin (proprement « saisir par le coltin » et « porter sur le coltin »)

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    45. KARALHOOOOW,LEIAM ANTES DE POSTAR QUALQUER IGNORÂNCIA!povinho burro viu?literalmente…muita gente aquí só viu as imagens e jah comentou,se parassem pra lêr ia poupar muita asneira que tive que ler,Báh,só uma má formação,repugnante,mas nada de mais…Ahhh,sexo entre homem e animal não difere nada!dããã…

    46. The people had been asking Eric for shirts, me included. There was demand so he supplied, what’s so wrong with that. It’s not like he’s trying to convince anyone, if you want one, you buy one, simple.

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    48. How serendipitous it was for the family of Jackie Corr to be in the Washoe Theatre on July 12 to hear your touching tribute of our brother, uncle & cousin. Thank you.He was an “Original Butte Character”, which is what we had inscribed on his tombstone. As maddening as he could be at times, all our lives were enriched by his stories, lectures and opinions.Congratulations on your fascinating film. I look forward to seeing it again in San Francisco.

    49. Thank you very much for the recipe. It is similar to the traditional way of preparing Maashara, except that the sugar is boiled. We had requests for the traditional Maashara recipe and your recipe will be a great help. Thanks again.

    50. Zune and iPod: Most people compare the Zune to the Touch, but after seeing how slim and surprisingly small and light it is, I consider it to be a rather unique hybrid that combines qualities of both the Touch and the Nano. It’s very colorful and lovely OLED screen is slightly smaller than the touch screen, but the player itself feels quite a bit smaller and lighter. It weighs about 2/3 as much, and is noticeably smaller in width and height, while being just a hair thicker.

    51. It's the same in every Western nation. The hypocrisy of the left really is nauseating. One minute, they promote mulitculturalism, they smear patriots as "nazis" and "fascists" the next, they're banging on about the rights of indigenous people. I believe it is about destroying the West and the people who created the best civilisation in the world. And sadly, many whites and Jews are all to happy to embrace their own destruction.Proud Brit.

    52. Ah ben là, j’ai pas dit que c’était infaillible comme truc. Mais un gars qui regarde autour de lui, c’est pas mal sûr qu’il cherche une fille. À savoir s’il est vraiment seul ou s’il veut une maitresse, probablement que quelqu’un d’autre a un meilleur truc. lol

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    59. I remember the end of the broadcast day, but instead of the dot you describe, the screen would turn to white snow (just static). However, when we turned the black and white TV it would shrink down to the little black dot and then night-night…"the chances of it being correct are slim" ==> spoken by a man who has been married at least once. You are not entirely wrong from my side of the pond. 🙂

    60. Dicen que “el saber no ocupa lugar”. Me parece muy interesante el artículo, ya que la Universidad es un centro de saber al que todo el que quiera puede acceder para ampliar sus conocimientos y la verdad es que las personas que aparecen en el reportaje tienen mucho mérito con lo que están haciendo, ya que amplían sus conocimientos, conocen a más gente y a la vez quieren conocer más mundo mediante estos estudios.

    61. Esta noche me he enterado que esta señora rita la cantaora era de mi tierra ………esa frase…. que vaya rita la cantaora ……aqui se cita muchisimas veces pero yo ignoraba que era mi paisana … aqui en jerez das una patada en el suelo y salen artistas .. a montones pero el defecto que por otra parte …. es una virtud que la mayoria no sale de aqui o de sevilla y por eso la gran mayoria no triunfa por el apego a esta ciudad … que enamora, y el que despunta siempre anda por aqui … no pasa mucho tiempo fuera

    62. I’ve used the Slacker webplayer for a while in addition to Pandora, both web and iPhone, and sometimes I think the Slacker song catalog is bigger or maybe just the way it chooses what to play next. Pandora, I always seem to get the same songs with a new one thrown in eery now and then. Could just be me though.

    63. Ugh. There is nothing good to say about cancer, except that (maybe) it helps strengthen the bonds between people. (I’d rather strengthen bonds through *any* other means, but you get the point. Just trying to find a teensy-tiny rainbow in the midst of the terrible cancer storm). I hope that your sister’s nausea eventually gets contained and– more importantly– that the chemo shrinks that tumor right down so she doesn’t have to endure any more pill popping. Lib is in my thoughts and prayers!

    64. I really do enjoy keeping journals about what’s happening on this land, but I’ve also learned to make the writing about what makes me happy, and not the recording of a science project. The planting and growing evolve, as do the journals. If you try it, have fun with it! Happy holidays to you as well!

    65. I do like the manner in which you have presented this particular difficulty and it does present me some fodder for thought. However, coming from just what I have seen, I only wish when the actual comments stack on that individuals stay on issue and don’t get started upon a tirade associated with the news du jour. All the same, thank you for this fantastic piece and whilst I can not necessarily go along with it in totality, I regard the standpoint.

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    69. Oh, and you’re right I did not read the website. This is my 13th race since May, and I didn’t know I had to. The only pre-race communication I received was about bibs (maybe that had to do with when I registered?). The website did have info about awards, but as I am far too slow to ever get an award, I didn’t equate awards with the “this is where the food will be”. If I didn’t know, now I definitely know! Thank you for responding.

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    85. y Tegala: HOLA de nuevo por aquí. Estoy de acuerdo con vosotras que hay que disfrutar cada momento, los tranquilos y los más activos. Ahora mismo, bueno desde hace un tiempo largo, es un periodo muy activo y lo aprovecho para hacer cosas que en otras circunstancias no he podido hacer. Se que llegará un momento más tranquilo y que será el momento de hacer otras cosas. Y si, Calidad a Cantidad, con vosotras estoy.

    86. I never felt like we needed to come up with answers. Especially upon a 3rd watch we have all the answers, unless one thinks Kara's arc was unanswered. I thought it was. For me it was always about the characters with the mythology mixed in. While I could have lived without the coda, and thought it should have ended on the mountain scene with Adama and Roslin, I can't say it's ruined the series or was lazy or bad writing.

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    88. Great listening to you and Nick, as usual. But the notion that Rendlesham was a psi-ops experiment? It’s good for entertainment value, but not much else. Even the spookiest government spooks would get hung by their toes for compromising nuclear mission capabilities — especially in the early 1980s.

    89. Brava! è vero bisogna darsi da fare non solo pensare a quanto sarebbe bello se… un momento un pò giù forse è il caso di mettersi all'opera per spronarsi e pensare che anche io ce la posso fare!!! Eh si… ci provo dai!

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    103. Great riding out there. You rode right past Andrea's parents' cottage on lake Kaminiskeg. I usually ride out there at least once a year, and it is a nice 200k ride from Ottawa (one way) going through Pakenham, Calabogie, Dacre, Foymount and Combermere.Too bad about your poor luck with the weather, though.

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    110. The more I read you, Steve, the more I wonder: "Does it make any difference to know how the government is ripping you off?"I doubt that it does.Somewhere, buried deep within you, is an idealist who thinks that understanding the thievery on an intellectual level will lead to a cure. Or, at least I think so.I don't see the voters as having any leverage over our government. Our government routinely denounces us as bigots unfit to govern ourselves. Where do you go with that?

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    132. Wow I also got this question in my prep2, and I am quite sure that this question is at high difficulty level.My first thought was “hmm Choice A makes sense”, then right before I clicked next, I suddenly realized that “they dropped ‘former’ in some choices”, and then thought “oh I see, ‘a former president for 18 consecutive years’ does not make sense, putting ‘former’ and ‘consecutive’ together is ridiculous!”… That was what I thought during my mock, and I was lucky to got this right. Stacey, you really sound the depth of this question! I’ve learned a lot. Thank you.

    133. Totally. For me, the frustration is a result of the fact that this IS true. While there are a lot of women who do respect themselves and present themselves to the world in such a manner, there are just as many (if not more) who don’t respect themselves and feel the need to manipulate.This is frustrating (at least to me) because that attitude can to be a reflection on women in general and I can’t help but take it personally.

    134. So let us understand this correctly, Kids’,Shotgunning books that contain graphic, raunchy, crude, sexually explicit material in them out to ALL children is the better choice.In the words of Mike Masterson, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette “Yes, I am well aware of the “slippery slope” arguments that are raised when humans try to restrict free expression. But there also have to be logical boundaries in our society. And I’m one who dearly values common sense as well as decency and taste when it comes to drawing reasonable lines for our children’s sake.”

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    138. It’s 8:30 a.m. in Italy. I tried to watch Palin’s speech. I just turned it off. I couldn’t watch it anymore after she lied about the Bridge to Nowhere. Folks do not underestimate this woman, Rove or the Repubs who are thinking of ways they can steal another election.The baby issues are a distraction. Let’s zero in on her far -right beliefs.Barack went after them on issues and she’s talking about fake columns.

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    141. Great speech, except for the « marriage is between a man and a woman » part, but since I know you’re not a homophobe we’ll let that slide. It reminded me of Lennon’s « Life is what happends while you’re busy making other plans ». Here’s hoping my screw-ups send me somewhere equally respectable…

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    149. To be at all credible in this digital age the Times is required to make available heretofore invisible comments from its readers. Were the editors to include such letters in the print edition, we might imagine those opinions to be taken seriously. Until then, the Times continues to function as a principal of the Israel Lobby.

    150. lot's of people are arguing about weight of this or that in the ranking algorithm.Fair enough, because google's ranking is a bit like Coca-cola's composition : We more or less know what's in it, but we don't have the exact formula for it…And I guess that at least Coke's formula does not change every day !

    151. FINALLY!! Someone with medical credentials to verify that DSB really isn’t deadly (not that I ever doubted Jill). Nor does it sound like the most painful thing in the world. I think we’ll reserve that distinction for, say, childbirth which can be deadly.Thank you, Maria!

    152. Minulle ei tule bloggaamisesta varsinaisesti paineita, mutta joskus, tai useinkin, kyllä harmittaa, että saan siirrettyä vain osan lukukokemuksistani ja -ajatuksistani nettiin asti. Ei se varmaan ketään muuta harmita, mutta kun on bloggaamiseen ryhtynyt, niin mielellään tallentaisi enemmänkin kirja-asioita ylös omaksi ja toivon mukaan muidenkin iloksi. Olen huomannut, että bloggaamisen myötä muistan myös paljon paremmin, mitä olen lukenut – tai ellen muista, voin helposti palata lukukokemuksiini netissä.

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    155. 194- Cindy. I think that the woman is the one who needs the break!! She seems to be trying to make the best of a bad situation. SHe’s trying to be appreciative of the help she is receiving and trying to make a go of it. Let’s stop hammering away at the people who are lower down on the ladder. They need a hand up, not more criticism. I know you are usually one of the more reasonable people on this forum but please let’s be charitable to those who need it the most. Thanks.

    156. "Black people are the smartest voters in the country as they know who has their best interests in mind."Might be because blacks have always given our votes to white people since we've had that privilege.Sometimes voting for whites who run against black candidates.Yet white people, particularly white conservatives, still haven't shown consistently that they are ready to strongly support black candidates.Exhibit A.Name the black republican elected official.

    157. I would be the “Emperor of the Empire of Entitlement”, and as Emperor it does get difficult to remember where the real source is.It is not only those of you in leadership roles, both Christian an secular, that have a problem with this. YOu are correct, when we live there, it does lead to some very unhealthy extreme behavior.Reminds a bit of your post about Facebook yesterday!

    158. I am thankful for you all…Notes (magnets) from the youngest daughter’s refrigerator here in Portland, Oregon….:There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith WhartonWhen you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot, hang on and swing. Louis BuscagliaJust when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. anonymousOur task is to learn to want ourselves….Alice WalkerHappy Thanksgiving,Cindy

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    160. Why pay them? No one died, the league is getting tons of coverage for a mediocre game between two smaller market teams. And none of us assholes are going to stop watching. What motivation does the NFL have to pay the refs? Ratings are UP this year. At the end of the day, it’s a game for the sake of entertainment. Bumblefuck refs are entertaining. Look at this thread. Media outrage isn’t going to change shit.

    161. DORIAN DE WIND, Military Affairs Columnist Good post,Janet.Mr. Cain is either the most wrongly accused man ever, or the biggest, smoothest, straight-faced, political liar (and serial sexual harasser) we have ever seen.Only time will tell.Keep your powder dry.

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    173. Girl have you been to the Kate Spade outlet at Cabazon near Pal Springs? ughh I died last time I was in there a few months ago. It's no NYC store but the goodies are worth the trip! and p.s. I feel you, but what about the greats, Michelangelo, da Vinci, Khalo, etc. They were very solitude in their craft. I think you have to be to hear your voice and (God's ;)) That's where the real stuff comes from don't you think? Not that I would EVER turn down a nest at Kate Spade lol! xo -Taj

    174. ¡Ay, Alexis, simplemente genial! Somos un pueblo que ha enfermado. Es comprensible. Es el poder de tanto mal circundante lo que desencadena esa suspicacia que va corrompiendo a veces hasta nuestros pensamientos más ocultos. Lo peor es que a veces deforma hasta las mejores intenciones. Pero siempre estamos a tiempo para mirar hacia dentro y comenzar una cura de desintoxicación. Gracias. Un abrazo enorme.