1. Ładny kontrast tekstowo-zdjÄ™ciowy, Kartko. Daje nadziejÄ™, że Indignados nie krzyczÄ… na próżno – liczÄ… na przyszÅ‚oÅ›ciowe uczucie spokoju, lepsze czasy, które pozwolÄ… na taki szczęśliwy uÅ›miech, jak na zdjÄ™ciu.UÅ›miechy dla Was, szczególnie dla TUtejszych dyskutantów z blogów Polityki, którzy frontem za TobÄ… Kartko stanÄ™li. Przyznam, że co najmniej zdziwiÅ‚ mnie ten niszczycielski ton w wypowiedziach niektórych rozmówców u Szostkiewicza. Ja siÄ™ czujÄ™ kurnikowa i z kurnikiem trzymam:)

    2. This is a wonderful post.Your mom is a smart and together woman,and she raised a teriffic son.She handled the whole situation well.Setting up the confrontation.Trusting you enough to look into it before judging. And it’s awesome that she voted for your boyfriend.Speaking of Dirk, him imediatly coming to your side to support you is amazing. ( He’s a keeper) Thank you so much for sharing this. ((HUGS)) to you,your mom,and you man. <3

    3. This is what I like to call Living Life Beyond. Just look what your dreams brought you! Here’s to all your hard work and love the two of you have put into the dreamiest studio I have ever laid eyes on! I WILL see it in person one day and when I do, I think I might cry from all the proudness running through my veins:) K

    4. Laurence,je n’ai pas trouvé d’adresse mail où vous écrire sur votre très beau site sur le crochet.J’espère que vous aurez ce message tout de même.J’ai quelques graines de méréville à vous envoyer si vous le souhaitez. Je pense en effet qu’elles ne sont pas commercialisées.Vous pouvez m’écrire à :cakesinthecity[at]gmail[dot]comA très bientôtcamille

    5. Hey gal, I'm so relieved to read this sweet post of yours. I was also a bit shy to talk so much about my boyfriend on blog..But u're right, since he has brought so much happiness to life, then why not talk about him..So, I'm not alone ^^PS: Love ur lazy day look here..PPS: agree, u got a cute boyfriend there gal ^^

    6. I have started getting this today (Jun '09). Forgive me for sounding thick, but what is the answer to this??Is this error message a legitimate Google Error page and is therefore safe to enter the code requested?? The google 'explanation' at the top of this blog is just techhy talk and doesn't give me an answer??Or is it a virus on my pc??Or a virus on Google??And are Google trying to resolve it??Lots of techhy talk but no simple answers given??Can anyone explain for me in simple plain English??

    7. Hi Angie, this really looks great! It's getting chilly here too. In fact I had my first hot chocolate of the season today! Your drink station is awesome! I don't blame you for not wanting to give up any of the machines. You are all set for whatever you are in the mood for : ) I love the cabinets! The glass doors look really pretty!Danielle xo

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    9. “Sunt absolut convins ca daca doi ani cat a fost cu PDL, domnul Magureanu n-a fost sanctionat, trebuie sa fie sanctionat acum si este foarte bine lucrul acesta. Pana la urma mai bine mai tarziu decit niciodata”, a adaugat premierul. Am vazut declaratia cu ochii mei. A fost data la Ministerul Agriculturii. Deci face parte din PSDq.e.d.

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    12. Hallo Fyodor,nein, so eine Möglichkeit gibt es derzeit nicht. Können Sie sich eine Filtermöglichkeit/Eingrenzung auf der Suchergebnisseite vorstellen oder meinten Sie eine andere Art, um nach bewerteten Artikeln zu suchen?

    13. 18/11/2012 01:45 · With everything which seems to be developing throughout this particular subject matter, all your viewpoints are actually very radical. On the other hand, I appologize, but I can not subscribe to your whole suggestion, all be it refreshing none the less. It looks to us that your comments are actually not completely justified and in actuality you are generally your self not completely certain of the assertion. In any event I did enjoy reading it.

    14. You know this is pretty cool, but you know it’d be even morw awesome if you could have included Ikuta Toma. I don’t think i’m the only one who would like it ^^Anw i downloaded it and is pretty cool. Thank you.

    15. Lies, Rommel was a number one nazi and a royal servant of Hitler. Was Rommel shot because he saved jews? You forget there were jews fighting in the german wehrmacht which Hitler approved. There were many names involved in the many attacks on Hitler’s life and so was his.

    16. Acho que a sugestão de aumentar o numero de vereadores em Cornelio Procopio é válida e necessaria, até mesmo pelo exercicio da democracia. No entanto, bem acho que os vereadores deveriam receber um salário minimo como simbolo e a honra de servir a comunidade deveria ser maior do que os ganhos.

    17. Nuno AmadoAí estás tu a fazer excelente e extensa) crítica a uma obra de BD. E tenho a certeza que não foi preciso ninguém pagar-te, contrariamente ao que disseste nunma daquelas troca de comentários na caixa dos ditos, em que dizias que para fazer crítica teriam de te pagar :-)Saudações bedéfilas.GL

    18. I’m still using my summer gloves when I do my 30-minute drive to and from work. I miss the heated grips I had on my BMW, because then using the summer gloves really was no problem.I like thinner gloves, purely because I feel like I have more control with them: one with the bike and all…

    19. Thanks for your recipes. They are quite detailed. God bless you. Is Xawaash(spice mix)available for sale in the international markets as I can not get some of the spices used in my locality or are there alternatives to Xawaash. Thanks

    20. . If it WERE less well… disgusting, it wouldn’t be true to the time or the work. I mean, realistically there are times when the world is not perfect, and no one can say that the women haters are put in a temple somewhere and worshiped.

    21. Well i think that when you ask specific questions about social situations, your boss will appreciate that you know you don't know. And your boss will think you're coachable. That helps when your boss sees you being a social moron.

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    23. I’m only 15 and every day my parents tell me that I’m going to die an old maid beacuse I’m fat and no one will ever love me This video was really inspirational; if those women can do it, so can I! I want my parents to finally be able to look at me with something other than disappointment and disapproval!

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    27. Maggie Boler – 1)My name is Maggie Boler2)I live in Seattle, WA 3)I work as a PM at an ad agency called Wunderman, but previously worked in the Action Sports Industry.4)Being adult enough to recognize how grateful I am for the friends and family who have been there through thick and thin. Cherishing and being actively thanksful for these people is emotional and wonderful.

    28. LaraMay 17, 2011If we go with the alternate hourly count then I can see a complete five down now. If that wave count is correct then this may be it, and we have a small overshoot of the channel on the daily chart.Or I’m completely wrong and this is primary 3, but then we would have to see that upwards move from the end of 4 blue as a five wave structure and that is very difficult.

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    30. Dear Anon, You must be out of your mind – the entire point of my previous posts was to focus on the double standards at TKDL and how they were servicing only the foreign patent offices and not the Indian patent office. If anything, this recent document from the patent office reconfirms my initial posts. TKDL as usual will run after only the foreign patent offices while the Indian Patent Office will have to search for all such information by itself. Hopefully you will tell you bosses at TKDL to serve the nation once in a while. Prashant

    31. Minä olen merkinnyt tämän kirjan lukulistaani. En ole Siriltä lukenut muuta kuin toissa vuonna Amerikkalainen elegia (tai joku sellainen?), enkä siitä kirjasta erityisemmin innostunut. Niinpä haluankin lukea tämän kirjan siis pelkästään ammatillisen kiinnostukseni puolelta. Tuo sinun mainitsemasi neuropsykologia-sana iskee minun työnkuvaani kuin nenä päähän ;)Palaan siis tähän kirjaan kun olen sen joskus saanut käsiin!

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    33. Dear Jo,I *did* find you. Sometimes I stroll down memory blog lane…I have never been asked directly about mental illness but would probably say, « Dont’ we all have something » to the interviewer. Becasue, we all do. I hope that you too will join in the fight to debunk stigma. There’s nothing more comforting that sharing « the real story ». It allows others to be unafraid and get the help they need (Save for Tom Cruise and other Scientologists).Good luck in your pursuits!!!Deb

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    35. I love J. Crew too, but yes, they are a bit pompous and over pricey with some things. They have the cutest headbands right now though, although they are ridiculously overpriced.

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    40. How adorable! But, sad to hear that the quality isn’t so great.And I don’t know if you saw my reply to your comment, but I’ve actually never been told that I’m related to the Tylers, and I’m very flattered! Thank you!! (I’ve gotten Anne Hathaway 1000x though, haha)THE-LOUDMOUTH recently posted..

    41. And no widespread tolling program will be put into place without some form of refund delivered to lower income travelers. Are you serious? I can think of a commuter or ten million in the EZ Pass zone that have apparently been waiting for that rebate for quite some time.

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    43. {{{{{{gentle hugs to your little darling}}}}}That circus looks AMAZING!!! Vintage and intriguing–not all glitzy and tarted up commercialized like Ringling Brothers.I love your outfits!!! So saucy!!! What did your man think of them??? OOOOHHHH LAH_LAH!!!

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    45. I had that problem with my wrist and arm before and thought I may not be able to knit/crochet any more because of severe pain. but it got better and now I am very careful and wear wrist protector sometimes. It helps prevent getting another painful, don't worry, you will get better and can crochet more again. While you are taking break from crochet, there are other things you might be able to do, like embroidery, sewing, etc…Enjoy your break and hoping it get better soon.

    46. Chris Barber – What a wonderful range of products! The Wendy Borger video is fascinating, leaves so much to the imagination. I really liked the process video with Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson: the mix of old work with photographs of her daughter and the chickens, and presentations of her work makes a very interesting mix. The video showing Michele Worstell and her work is very inspiring. Thank you for making these available!

    47. I mentioned Reagan, not because I thought he should be what we need to mold a candidate or conservative party after…Then I misunderstood your reference to him. I apologize for that bit.I’m still not sold that’s he’s a pure conservative, by the definition I was using.As to fairness of whether he was silent on AIDS based on his personal feelings, I judged based on his later statements, and came to an opinion. We’ll have to agree to disagree.Thank you for clarifying that I didn’t say “homophobe”. FWIW, I don’t believe that everyone who is uncomfortable with gays is homophobic, and try not to throw that label around heedlessly.

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    50. Of course it is an awesome car but I’d really appreciate it when they’d release a coupé version of this with many more “similarities” with the old ’69 one. And I think I am not the only one who thinks so I am German but most of us love the USA’s muscle cars!!!

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    54. sounds like you'll be having a nearly perfect day!!!! I'd say the only thing missing is chocolate. Maybe that can be remedied. Chocolate to reward yourself for voting, and chocolate while you are reading the beautiful words of Laini Taylor. YES!

    55. Have you seen the new update to fresh evo rom 5.2.1? Talks about updating Radios and such. Is it worth the update? I am in a market that claims 4G coverage but my phone has only shown 4g coverage one time. Not sure if the update corrects or improves anything like ability to get 4G coverage? It may be minor fixes that are not worth the update. Really value your opinion and advice! Thanks!

    56. Lib (71)-I’m on the front lines every day, and let me assure you, the housing market is dead and rotting. Given the incentives offered, current sales stats can only be described as putrid. We have hit a point of demand exhaustion, and no further demand will be generated until the problems of unemployment and stagnant wages is handled (bwahahahaha on that one).We are at the cusp of 20-40 years in the wilderness. Check your tents for holes, fill your wineskins and put on your best sandals. It’s gonna be a long walk home.

    57. WeWee, ho letto il link di Medbunker. Mio dio ma come si fa ad essere così ingenui? Queste persone hanno chiaramente seri problemi mentali. Anche la signora dell'articolo non scherza. Possiamo però dire con quasi certezza che non aveva problemi di soldi, dato che ha sborsato a sconosciuti 60.000 dollari.

    58. tornero’ a votarvi molto volentieri.spero che le primarie le vinca renzi cosi sel sara’ costratta ad abbandonare la coalizione col pd e quindi ricostruire la vera sinistra.intanto firmiamo e diffondiamo il manifesto “” serve una lista civica con nomi di alto profilo per raschiare voti a grillo.alleata di prc dipietro e demagistris ,airaudo e spero ingroia.

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    60. Sauf que les actions de la Fed et du gouvernement sont toujours arrivées après le naufrage pour corriger justement les effets, trop dangereux pour le maintien du système, de la “main invisible du marché”. Jusqu’à ce que ces effets soient IRRECUPERABLES : la dernière crise avant effondrement (ou reprise en main du Politique sur la main invisible) c’est maintenant. The game is over !

    61. Perhaps laws should be enacted whereby abortion and all forms of birth control are illegal, thus forcing women to have as many children as possible!It worked for Hitler when he wanted Germany's birth rate to jump – he made abortion and birth control illegal! And it even worked in post-revolutionary United States, when a woman's reproductive capacity was the property of the state and it was her job to make babies for the state – thus making abortion and contraception ILLEGAL>women = baby factories. anatomy is destiny!

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    66. Thoughtfulguy68 Posted on I started wrapping some Christmas presents this week, and as I worked on my gifts I was thinking about all the trash left over on Christmas morning, and all the wrapping paper, boxes and bags that end up in landfills everywhere. I wish sustainable paper products like this were more widely available, I think a lot of people would choose them if they had a choice in the stores.

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    69. Almost useless. At most, it would just move around the non-sticky dust, possibly introducing even more from the front of this contraption since it would be sucking in non-filtered air. And it would do nothing against wet or sticky dust that adheres to the LPF, those would still require a contact cleaning. Nice try though.

    70. You should have added: “And further, what are consumers supposed to think the tools in question are “Evolv”-ing to? Your core Craftsman tools are moderately priced, sturdy, and made in America while the “Evolv” line are your “value” tools that are made in China. That’s not an evolution, that’s a devolution. If you want to carry a line like that then that’s your prerogative, but consumers are not going to take you seriously when you try to pass it off for something that it isn’t.”

    71. Hilarious, as always. Have you tried the peanut butter m&ms? My husbands favorite part is the peanut butter – he doesn't care for the chocolate. So my Christmas stocking present to him will be a baggy full of just the peanut butter nuggets after I've eaten off all the chocolate. It's a win-win. Unfortunately, I don't care for diet coke to help slide it down. Can we still be virtual friends?! Is it fudge season yet?!

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    74. Wow, these changes sound brilliant! I loved the original version, of course, but these sound like extremely smart developments. Certainly it’s a major refinement of the way the story unfolds to the audience. Any talk of bringing this production to the US?

    75. J’adore tes vidéos ! C’est joli mais ça reste simple pour les pas douées comme moi … Et je trouve ça cool que tu réadaptes les looks des marques sans les copier intégralement :)Bonne journée !

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    80. An impressive share! I have just forwarded this onto a coworker who was conducting a little homework on this. And he in fact ordered me dinner due to the fact that I discovered it for him… lol. So let me reword this…. Thank YOU for the meal!! But yeah, thanx for spending time to talk about this issue here on your site.

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    84. You can tell I’m going a bit fanboy here, but… The Space Pirates. A species so meticulously bent on technological domination, so single-minded in purpose… their only mistake was underestimating the Bounty Hunter and the technology of the Chozo.And then, of course, there’s and her .

    85. Looks like Lex … Looks like Lex Luther didn’t want RomneyCare passed by the Supreme Court.Too bad. Looks like the greedy health corporations will have to start actually spending 80% of premiums on actual health care and quit handing out millions in CEO bonus money!A big win for the consumer!Thank you, President Obama!!! Was this answer helpful?

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    88. It will be tough for Wyoming to beat SDSU, New Mexico and UNLV. Games with CSU and AF should be good. Not sure if Wyoming will beat them, but they should be competitive games. Not sure what to think about TCU and Boise State yet.RG

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    92. Love the one with sheet tucked under her armpits. So wonderful. They Do do doggy yoga; first thing in the morning, don’t they. Peeing is a high art, to mark the trail. Hansel and Gretel leave breads crumbled to mark the path, the doggie leaves something the birds won’t eat. No getting lost. 🙂

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    98. Hi South Paw Beagle! Looked up “Jim Bunning and Tough Shit” in the WordPress search and found your site. I am so happy to find people who think as I that the Rethuglicans are batshit fu**ing nuts! In my 48 years I never thought I’d see such a bunch of hypocritical, lying, cheating, stealing robonuts as the GOP! Thanx for a site where we can let off some steam! Love, Joanaroo

    99. Hej med dig!Jeg synes dine billeder er super fede og vildt inspirerende!Men hvordan fÃ¥r du dine billeder til at se sÃ¥…. RÃ¥t ud, grÃ¥t ud og sÃ¥dan lidt hÃ¥rdt i det, er det en linse, en effekt eller noget helt tredje?Hvilket kamera bruger du? Hvilket computer program bruger du til at redigere dine billeder med?Hilsen en kommende fotograf! 🙂

    100. Hi Amy, I have seen a kangaroo (in Australia), an Armadillo (in Texas), a whole mess of dolphins (jumping in front of our boat in the Strait of Gibraltar, no chincilla in the wild, Flamingos in Florida, no lemurs outside the zoo. As for the Unicorn, a friend of mine’s father was a pioneer of bone grafting many years ago. He had grafted a horn onto the head of a goat, who escaped into the woods of Maine. There was a legend of a unicorn in Maine for years afterward.

    101. There is something deeply and disturbingly rotten with the Dutch legal system.Their baying for Wilder's blood has clouded their judgement. This wasn't an innocent mistake by Tom Schalken, but it belies an unbridled arrogance of believing to be above the law, that the law is an instrument of personal ideological ambition. It should by now be clear to everyone excepting those party to the ideological vigilant mission, that Wilder's can not get a fair trail in the Netherlands and if the Dutch people don't demand that an end be put to this show- process-at-all-costs, then they will be the losers and the lesser.

    102. Great report Anton, and a really well run race. You surprised us a bit too at Buzzard’s Cove AS. I knew you had a shot at the course record, and we had to get set up quickly. We had some difficulty finding the place as we have to come in on a boat, and the lake level is very low right now. Sorry we didn’t have a cup of water ready for you to grab yet. You really looked amazing blasting by us and up the hill. So effortless it seemed. Great job out there and good luck at WS100.

    103. So the Pope, Herr Papst Ratslinger Der Führer Der Vatikanstaat is trying to worm his filthy way into the UK.The “holy” See exists on the basis of a LIE, that there is a ‘god’. Ratslinger, stay in the Vatican and clean up the mess in your “Holy’ Roman Catholic Church.

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    114. The irony here is this………….Dave Miller: Because BI guys are exclusionary, they should be excluded from high denominational office.Wow, I can see how Bart Barber came to his conclusion in Comment #46Then to top it off……Dave Miller: (further down the thread * paraphrase) inerrancy should be used as a standard for SBC fellowship.Incredible

    115. EXACTLY, Mr. “BLUE CHAMP” It just shows how shortsighted you lot are, and what a genius Arsene is, will always be!!!Anyway, thanks a lot! it was a lot of fun to read it, esp after sundays’s match. It’s actually more relevant now, than it was a year ago, simply because it shows who can create a whole team out of nothing (the master arsene who knows just when to let a player go regardless) and who can afford a team that might, or might not win despite the fact that it has no footballing identity. AND YES, ARSENAL STILL PLAY THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FOOTBALL!!!Reply

    116. Has your headache been resolved yet Susan? How do you manage to cope with daily activities with such pain?I am glad your resolutions for 2010 were mostly realised. I don't make resolutions as such. My life is a work in progress every moment!Tanya x

    117. Interesting point made by poster at FR:I think Obama’s bows to the King of Saudi Arabia and the Emperor of Japan are more sinister than most folks realize.I believe that it reflects Obama’s attitude toward the United States. The TWO COUNTRIES in the world who have managed to pull off sneak attacks on us (most of the 9/11 terrorists were from Saudi Arabia) are the ONLY TWO (out of 20, so far) where Obama makes it a point to bow.

    118. George Bush was the reason i voted republican for the first time in my life, 8 years ago. George Bush is the reason I am going back where i belong, with the Democrats. I was a teenager during Vietnam, my brother was a vietnam veteran, my husband is a vietnam veteran. When Georgie decided to lie and send our boys to Iraq, I lost ALL respect for him. This is a vietnam war all over again, except Thank God, our country is supporting our troops when they return home, not spitting on them. Good bye george bush, don`t think you`ll be missed much.

    119. gato, gatito….Gracias por el aviso, así no me preocupo mucho. Al menos has dicho más que Rajoy ante las cámaras.El rodaballo te lo tendré fresquito pa cuando vuelvas. Quizás aliñado con los últimos recortes de esa gente….. NO, NO!! que huelen mal, aunque no los cuenten.No te pases con el ron, y tráeme un imán pa la nevera.Muas (¿o era miaus?)

    120. Gigi dit :Elle a le droit de se payer ce qu’elle veut…C’est juste indécent venant d’une socialo.Les gauchistes ne s’appliquent jamais l’idéologie qu’ils défendent et imposent aux autres.Pulvar et toute la clique de ce gouvernement sont encore bien plus « bling-bling » que Sarkozy qu’ils ont traîné dans la boue pendant 5 ans.Ces gens me dégoûtent. Leur niveau d’impopularité bat tous les records ! Vivement qu’ils dégagent !

    121. :kochgate? hmmm more of a libturd concoction. Oh, and the “libturd”? a play on words dear boy sort of like when liberals call conservatives:racist, homophobes, islamaphobes, nazis, religious right wing fantatics, and on and on and on. So I would have to submit my dear fellow that “libturd” is quite tame compared to those from the professional radical left.

    122. Will it be more or less shit than the sequels? The sequels were OK but did not make me OMFG like the original. This lack of OMFG could also just be a matter of the passage of time, which I believe is most of the cause of the "you raped my childhood you fucking cunt George Lucas" that goes on with Star Wars.VN:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

    123. 1…poate pentru ca oamenii sunt egoisti si au impresia,cateodata,ca totul li se cuvine…asa ca,daca nu esti de acord cu ei,trebuie sa-ti rupa capul de pe umeri….si citatul din ziar de dimineata asta,se potriveste cu intrebarea ta: “Sa iti urmezi viata dupa parerile altora nu este decat o sclavie.”… concluzie,mai bine ramanem impotriva unora,dar cu parerile noastre!3.foarte buna constatarea…4.trebuie sa vad si eu filmul

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    125. Vielen herzlichen Dank für dein tolles Feedback :-)Es freut mich, dass dir die Icons und auch die neue Elmastudio-Seite gefallen.Von uns beiden auch einen schönen Tag und ein tolles, sommerliches Wochenende :-)Viele GrüßeManuel

    126. This is what I posted about it at BeltwaySnark earlier today… enjoy I think the cartoon is in bad taste. Just as I thought the “chimp” references to George Bush were in bad taste.But, we are told that we are not to comment on Obama’s ears… Alright then, I will not comment on them. (Obama’s ears)I do have a question though. Obama sure does resemble the pointy eared Vulcan on Star Trek. Is he a former actor..?I had too Snark! LMAO!

    127. Iti dau eu Corina , ca deocamdata am mult si nu pot sa fac nimic creativ si concret cu el. Dar pentru ca prietena mea Maria mi-a spus in seara asta ca nu trebuie sa fac chiar tot timpul ceva, ca am voie sa ma si relaxez, iti dau tie tot timpul asta al meu pe care nu stiu sa-l folosesc zilele astea. Sunt intr-o pana totala de inspiratie, avant, astept sa inceapa ceva, sa se termine ceva…

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    131. Now I have that off my chest, here’s a suggestion to those excellent investigative journos at IA – This stinks of either nepotisim or backdoor deals or both. Grist for the Wixxy/Tess Lawrence/Kelly Butterworth mill?Shamble cannot possibly expect that his loyal voting public are that stupid? If so, then his lowly expectations of those same voters is utterly disgusting and the sooner this suckhole gets the boot the better.

    132. il primo comprende sentimenti verso l’altro mentre il secondo è un gesto spontaneo verso chi ha bisognoSi rende conto che non esiste una differenza simile? I sentimenti verso l’altro non comprendono gesti spontanei? E chi fa gesti spontanei non ha sentimenti verso l’altro?Assurdo.

    133. bai ada, stii ce n-ai zis tu aici? ca tre’ si putin noroc. adica nu e obligatoriu, dar daca este, atunci e foarte foarte bine. si usor. mie mi-a fost usor, dar nu pentru ca e natural si curge ca dambovita, ci pentru ca am avut mult noroc. eu asa zic. noroc sa nu doara decat oleaca. noroc sa n-am ragade complicate. sa nu curga sange. sa fie smooth sailing. ah, si sa nu uit, in primul si in primul rand, am avut norocul unui start bun in maternitate, unde am fost ajutata, impinsa de la spate si tot tacamul.

    134. Oh j’aime tellement t’es vernis ! J’ai peut être une petite préférence pour le Nite Own d’Orly, mais ils sont tous beaux. Sinon, moi aussi je me ronges les ongles, et j’ai un peu près la même technique que toi : Changer de vernis tout les jours c’est la seule chose qui marche..Ps : J’ai poster un article il y a pas très longtemps tu peux passer faire un tour si tu as le temps ce serait sympa !Xoxo ; Leslie.

    135. Hola,eo… jo sóc mare i no m’acosto al profe el dia de la reunió perquè “no toca”… però és veritat que pensem que vosaltres coneixeu més al nostre fill fóra de l’àmbit familiar. De fet, fins i tot em vénen ganes de fer-te consultes ara hehehehe Ja t’ho he comentat en altres ocasions: feu una tasca importantíssima!!! Gràcies ; )Ah, les nenes s’hi fixen moltíssimes en les senyos mones, mones…

    136. The problem is, we have a doctor shortage. We need more medical schools. A medical school is a business, they should be as common as any other business, and anyone who wants to study to be a doctor, should have no trouble, provided they pay their way. Whether they pass the courses is another matter.But government cartelization of health-care won't permit an 'oversupply' of doctors.

    137. Alert! Orly Taitz's website hasn't been updated for 24 hours. It is very unusual…..yes i have not seen her on my messenger chat, on line, which is VERY UNUSUAL (unless she unfriended me, which I doubt very much). Even when she travels it's open. Very suspicious, hope all is OK

    138. não li RT……mas este post foca o caso da aceitação do financiamento da eleição do Sarkozy pela Líbia em troca de imunidade face a tentativas de conquista da soberania libia??se não foca, então temos a pseudo esquerda como activista da causa de Sarkozy, trabalhar depressa para as provas destas coisas desapareçam depressa do mapa

    139. Preghiamo per il Papa. E preghiamo per la conversione di molti vescovi. Invochiamo la misericordia di Dio, non ci abbandoni per le nostre iniquità. Viviamo in un mondo secolarizzato, un’Europoa che non fa più riferimento alle sue origini cristiane. La colpa non è del mondo, ma è nostra, di noi cattolici che abbiamo tradito Cristo, nostro Signore.

    140. anything about paganism at all. I have just presented a deductive argument, based on the inner nature of things, for how Christianity is destructive and therefore immoral.Compare it to how I’m supporting Hillary Clinton in the US election. It’s because of the deep and inherent failure and destructiveness of Obama and McCain. You do not seriously claim that I’m idealizing Hillary, are you?

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    142. "…he could write a bang-up novel when he brought his A Game, which was about one try in four, by my tastes, with the rest being workmanlike tales with a certain 'contractual obligation' feel about them."I'll buy that. But good Gawd– given how prolific the guy is, that's still a damned good rate. Whether or not you think he's too commercial, or needs a stricter editor, the man's a hell of a People's Storyteller, not the least of which because he not only has good ideas for plots, but because he can sketch a character well. That's golden, when you're trying to suck me in.

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    148. Interviews with comic creators would be nice. It would show artists how a wider variety of creators do their thing – from longform, to dailies, and the guy just starting out to a person who has been around for a long time.Those insights are what creators value most.

    149. That’s hilarious! As each one of my kids passed through that “stuck” on words stage I thought I would lose my mind. God has the funniest ways of building our patience doesn’t He?

    150. a lot of people here are missing the point that some of us in the oppo think that some of this social measures ARE necessary to some extent (not just as pañitos calientes), and vote against chavez because of the high crime, corruption, incompetence and mistreatment of the minorities


    152. Have just read the voice link posted by “resident” and I am absolutely horrified to read the content and that the Boheme knowingly and cynically held an Urban Rave till 5.00am, when no central London venue will now do so due to the extreme violence and history of shootings at Urban raves. The Boheme Management have told so many lies and made so many misleading statements over the last year, that I hope the book is now thrown at them and they are held fully to account.

    153. If you’ve ever seen the movie Equilibrium, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Some movie that takes place in the future about ultimate control over a society by a government/company/etc. If you’ve seen the movie V for Vendetta then that movie is also a good example. I’ve also read a book called “The Giver” and seen all the Matrix movies. The movie should also be available on Netflix. Any other suggestions?

    154. I don't exactly know what page impressions are but…well done, mate! CAP is a great resource for readers and writers. Informative, challenging and always funny. (The digested reads kill me and I don't even have to spring for the Herald to read them) Here's to another 300,000 of whatever page impressions are! Cheers!

    155. Support the rebels just enough to keep the war going. Attrition eats away at both sides. Before you know it every Libyan is dead and the Italians can pump out their oil without interference.What? Too cynical?OK, I'll go get some herbal tea and a granola bar.

    156. aku pun nngok td. wpun cameraman tu zoom jauh, dlm frame tv tu ada 4 org. sorang krew nona, neelofa, nurul syuhada n m zul. tp mmg nmpak menonjol pembentukan kontur teteknya. aku rs m zul pun distracted dgn objek itu.Well-loved.

    157. Love the scream! Phyliss DIller, in her glory days, always had me roling on the floor – I was just a kid. She is unforgettable – I can still hear her dry voice. What a trail blazer she was. Thanks for that memory and the supper photos. S C R E A M

    158. My roommate is working on losing 10-15 pounds – including her double chin. She is doing the elliptical and treadmill, and is losing weight, but not the double chin. Someone told her doing the elliptical and treadmill will not work on losing it. She is frustrated and I want to help her. Is elliptical/treadmill not going to help her lose the double chin? What can she do? How long does it take to lose a double chin?

    159. I don’t love winter (really, the only decent part about it is the hot water bottle I put under my covers before bed) but I do notice my reading habits shift a bit in winter. Something about the cold weather and all the time I spend indoors has me reading longer books and more history than I seem to in summer, when I devote myself to young and adult and mystery novels. Right now, though, I am loving the idea of reading some of the books you’ve featured here…something about the City of Thieves cover is sucking me in.

    160. Hmm … ich war ja vorher schon neugierig auf das Buch, jetzt sogar noch mehr Vielen Dank also für die Rezension, ich stelle mir das Buch sehr interessant vor. Irgendwann findet es sich seinen Weg in mein Bücherregal.LG Svenja

    161. Uaah, näin aamulla ei kyllä luovuus ja runosuoni kuki. Tyydyn siis rehellisyyteen. Tykkään Chiclingistä, koska osaat kuvailla tunnelmia ja ajatuksia niin kauniisti ja osuvasti, että ne tekevät usein päivästä paremman. Täältä löytyy myös usein vinkeitä valokuvia. Tunnut onnelliselta, terveeltä ja elämästä nautiskelevalta ihmiseltä, jonka kuulumisia on mukava lukea, sillä tuntuu että niistä saa palan sitä samaa asennetta omaankin elämään.Sitäpaitsi täältä löysin yhden lemppariruoan: herkullisen parsakaalipastan. Ja hyviä avokado-ohjeita. Mikä siis ei koukuttaisi. Kiitos ja aurinkoista kevättä!- Liisa

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    163. Da freue ich mich drauf. Hoffentlich steht nicht wieder ein schnaubender Boll neben dem Eingang, wenn ich statt in seinen Film lieber in einen Zeich…, ähem, CGI-Streifen gehe. EDIT: Gute Stimmen im Trailer — haben sie es in den Film geschafft, oder mussten final wieder deutsche C-Promis vor die Mikros gezerrt werden?

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    165. I've been wanting to make morning glory muffins for ages but just never seem to remember to get the ingredients at the store. I just found your recipe in my out-of-control bookmarks folder; Perhaps it's a sign to make them this weekend! Thanks for sharing.

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    168. Hoje é notícia em todos os jornais que a Dilma e o PT devem retirar a questão do aborto do plano de governo e do partido. Seria uma grande vitória se eu acreditasse em palavra de política, que para mim hoje vale uma colher de sopa cheia de titica de galinha. Proponho uma campanha para ajudar a cara Dilma a demonstrar seriamente os seus intentos. Que ela assine o documento do Brasil sem Aborto. Na frente das câmeras, dentro da CNBB, com muita publicidade.

    169. I’d rather not think too much about what a sexy zone is either, but it somehow sounds less pedo-ish? Kind of?Slightly. XDWell, Isn’t that great for Marius! =D I have high expectations for that boy! ^^Me too, and I’m very excited for him.It’s JE fandom, there’s always bitching. xDYeah, I guess so. XD

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    171. Hi Sue, it was your lovely voice I could hear over the loud speakers when I arrived..I wasn’t sure where you were though until we came to that presentation area and discovered you there (looking lovely)! Only got to see a bit of the Young Ones singers but sounded very talented.

    172. Hola, no sabía que existía esta asociación, me parece algo realmente espectacular, creo que la observación de nubes nos permite soñar, imaginar y alimentar nuestro espíritu. Felicitaciones por esta iniciativa. Hay en Madrid alguna delegación dónde poder inscribirme?. SaludosAngélica SMA

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    174. I love your story! My sixteen year old daughter has had similar difficulties with her iPhone. The Apple team at First Colony Mall in Houston and at Northgate in San Antonio both came to her rescue. Yep – not one, but two replaced iPhones. Apple’s customer service is reasonable and logical when working with their customers!

    175. ND did not "luck out". Other states such as CA are having trouble developing their shale oil and gas because of regulations and politics. In neighboring MN electricity rates are 10.7 cents/kW hour versus 7.6 cents/kW hour in ND because of renewable energy mandates in MN. Overall, ND has created a favorable business environment that includes a reasonable regulatory environment, low energy costs, and low taxes.

    176. And we will miss Marianne and Sara who have been a delight to house before, during, and after the main event. You were so helpful and encouraging! You even helped us maintain what was left of our sanity with your laughter when when things didn't "go as planned." How about another Georgetown cupcake?

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